Will it hurt?

Honestly, yes. The first appointment is always the worst. As you continue to get sugared or waxed, your hair will grow back sparser and weaker, making it less painful each time. This is especially true with sugar!


Can I still come in if I’m pregnant?

Yes, it is completely safe to get sugared/waxed during pregnancy. We do recommend sugaring for pregnant mama-to-be’s as the all-natural ingredients are gentle on their already sensitive skin!


I’m taking medications. Can I still be sugared/waxed?

This is dependent on the type of medication. To see if your medication is on the ‘No-Go’ list, please check this contraindications blog.


I’m on my period! Can I still come in for a brazilian?

Absolutely! We’re woman too and we understand it’s completely natural! There’s no need to reschedule, we just simply work around the string!