Pre and Post-Care

Pre-Care Instructions:

In order to offer you the best possible experience we asked that you do the following prior to your appointment

  • Please do not apply any lotions, deodorants, or other skin care products to the area prior to your sugaring appointment.
  • Aviod the sun prior to your appointment. If you must go in the sun, take adequate precautions to avoid getting the area to be sugared/waxed sunburnt.
  • Allow your hair to grow out for a minimum of two weeks for sugaring and three weeks for waxing.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment. This allows you time to fill out or consent and medical form prior to your appointment.

Post-Care Instructions:

Like any form of hair removal, it is important to care for your freshly sugared/waxed skin. Follow these instructions to avoid ingrown hairs and be able to enjoy your freshly sugared/waxed skin.

  • Do not put any products on the sugared/waxed area for 24 hours. NOTE: This does not include our specially formulated lotions, which are designed for freshly sugared skin.
  • No tanning, swimming, or bathing for 24 hours.
  • No sexual activities for 24 hours post-brazilian (or manzilian!)
  • If you have ever needed an excuse to skip you workout, this is it! Avoid working out after your sugaring appointment as sweat may cause a breakout on your freshly sugared/waxed skin.  
  • After 48 hours, begin your exfoliating routine. If you unsure how to properly exfoliate, please see the blog article linked.